Melissa Patterson, ND
Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Intuitive
354 1/2 S. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 829-8137



"I have been working with Dr. Melissa Patterson for over 9 months now. I started seeing her to address a wide array of peri-menopause discomforts. Wild hormone imbalances, that were disrupting my life, including accelerating severe migraine headaches. She concocted an herbal tincture prescription, that I take every day, which has helped me immensely. As well as other natural remedies for balance. That is just where we STARTED.

What is so amazing about Melissa, is how completely she embodies the word "holistic". She partners with her patients on their healing journeys, skillfully weaving colorful threads from so many different healing modalities, it is utterly amazing! Melissa has truly been an "ALL in ONE" practitioner for me. She helps me on all levels of Mind/ Body/ Spiritual alignment and ultimately on my "Soul Journey" She puts your health and healing FIRST, which is SO refreshing in today’s crazy soulless, and broken health care system.


~Margo Austin

“I have worked with Dr. Patterson for the last year on healing my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and psoriatic arthritis. I sought her out to get a sense of how an alternative medicine practitioner might approach my illnesses, because though traditional medicine had helped me, it hadn’t healed me.

To my surprise, Melissa invited me to entertain the smallest of doubts about my belief that I could not heal. She prescribed supplements and flower essences, and, more importantly, worked with me on the energetic and emotional components of my illness.

I have found Melissa to be a loving, supportive presence, and a gifted healer. Under her care I have transitioned off of ten of the prescription medicines I was taking, and for the first time since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia eight years ago I awaken each day with a sense of hope.”

~Maya P.

I came to Dr. Melissa Patterson seeking treatment for a set of inter-related symptoms that had created a state of constant physical pain as well as confusion about what was happening. I wanted a naturopathic doctor who was truly holistic, who understood both the appropriate applications and limitations of alternative medicine and Western medicine, and who would take into consideration both body and mind in diagnosis and treatment. I found all of this in Dr. Patterson, who has served as my primary care physician for a year now.

Dr. Melissa's extensive knowledge of herbalism, nutrition and homeopathy as well as her expertise in massage therapy and intuition enabled her to address my health problems in a comprehensive way. Her intelligence, intuition and compassionate care led to excellent treatment strategies that resolved not only my pain and symptoms but also reached the source of the problem. Dr. Melissa also empowered me with resources and self-care information that have helped me to take more ownership over my own health. I appreciate her patience, genuine concern, wisdom and competence as a naturopathic doctor and I am grateful for her presence here in Sebastopol!"

~Gina Thomas

"Dr. Melissa is a modern-day medicine woman with a powerful array of knowledge and tools to call upon.  I salute her dedication in cultivating such diverse know-how and talents over many years.

With great compassion, she worked with me to help me find my personal truth in navigating my compulsive overeating and mitigating the ensuing health complications.

She truly is a holistic provider, offering support ranging from concrete nutritional advice to nuanced mind-body support. She helped me create meaningful dialogue amongst the various voices of my psyche to facilitate a process of deep integration. I also appreciate Dr. Melissa's intuitive powers; her insight nearly always resonated with my inner wisdom and she helped me gain important perspective regarding many aspects of my life.  Dr. Melissa is a healing force of nature... she lovingly empowers her patients to set themselves free... and I recommend her care with all my heart!"

~Kai Harris Panym

"Dr Melissa Patterson has been incredibly helpful to me in my recovery from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  

I have found that the…work with Dr. Patterson has helped to identify the avenues to healing, through supplementation, but also through energy work, and dealing with the historical emotional issues that underlie physical health problems.  I feel that through my healing process I have become a much more whole person, and have reached a point where I can walk through the world with much more ease and comfort.  

I encourage you to work with Dr. Patterson, whether you are only experiencing slight unease in your body, or are more severely unwell, her knowledge and compassion will help move you into a more balanced and healthy place."

~Evelyn Kunkel


"Through Dr. Melissa’s incredible combination of powerful intuition, naturopathic clinical medical training and insightful and incisive mind-body therapies I was able to reverse a potentially dangerous condition.


What began as cellular hyperplasia (an abundance of inappropriate cellular growth) was gently and with a mindful and strategic approach healed (using energy work, supplements and herbs.)  Follow up clinical test results with my gynecologist have her now scratching her head wondering how this condition was so quickly eradicated and set back to normalcy! It’s not magic – it's just…the body healing and restore harmony. With many thanks and gratitude for your excellence as a beacon of light, teaching, active observance, wisdom and healing."


~Laura Watson, M.A., MIM, Ph.D.

"I've been wanting, for a while, to write you a note to let you know about my progress on the Intuitive Eating program...

Even though we haven't had a session in about a year, I am continuing the program you started me on.  Our work together has been profoundly helpful for me.  My eating has shifted dramatically, but naturally & slowly …I am "normalizing" my body to a healthy weight without dieting but by being conscious and listening to my body.

I've found that the intuitive eating and the work with you in discovering why I was eating the way I was, has really helped me shift.  The hypnotherapy was incredible.  I still think about sessions that we had.

Thank you for your work.  You are an amazing practitioner, and I am so blessed to have connected with you."

~Tina Green

"Most doctors, both allopathic and alternative, can tend to treat disease as an unfortunate event at best, but at their worst they can blame the patient for their own condition.  Illness can become something we must wage war against.  Enter Dr. Patterson, a breath of fresh air.  I've learned from working with her that illness is not a battle against ourselves, but an opportunity to realign ourselves with wholeness and our higher purpose in life

Illness transforms from a battlefield into a blessing, a powerful spiritual teacher whose lessons must be learned on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Not only has Dr. Patterson taught me the tools to bring balance and healing into my life, but through the process she has opened the door for me to find my own path in the evolution of my spirit.  What a blessing! 

I am filled with gratitude for the deep space Dr.Patterson holds for each and every patient to go on their healing, and ultimately spiritual, journeys!"

~Rachel T., Patient

“I am so grateful for my work with Dr. Melissa Patterson over the last several months. My health & vitality has shifted in so many positive ways by learning to take time for my own health during these difficult times. I highly recommend all of my clients, family and friends to work with Melissa.”

~ Marina James-Galvin, Nutrition Consultant & Personal Trainer