Melissa Patterson, ND
Somatic Awakening® with Dr. Melissa Patterson
The Healing Modality and Spiritual Practice that Opens the Door to Awakening

Somatic Awakening®

Somatic Awakening® is a powerful mind-body-soul modality, developed by Dr. Melissa which offers incredible healing on all levels as it fuels the next steps of one’s evolution.  It brings healing, peace and spaciousness into one’s internal contractions and dissolves both physical, emotional and energetic symptoms.   Ultimately it allows us to see life from our true nature which opens the doors of awakening. 

Somatic Awakening® addresses complex patterns of pain that come from a culmination of issues connected to the physical, emotional, egoic, mental and energetic aspects of self.   These patterns are addressed with the precise and exquisite awareness of the soul which brings deep healing.

Bringing these higher parts of the self into the healing process makes Somatic Awakening® not only a healing modality but also a spiritual path which leads us directly to the divinity that we are.

Utilizing the Soul in the Healing Process

When you engage in Somatic Awakening®, you’ll be invited to journey deep inside yourself to connect to your inner divinity to become your guide in your healing and evolution.

Utilizing the soul in the healing process brings a soothing balm into the pain and contractions that causes suffering.  The presence of your higher self allows the wound to relax and receive what it has always longed for: the deep presence and ultimate compassion of the divine.  Receiving this healing presence brings even deeper relaxation, softening, and spaciousness.  This domino effect has the potential to lead you all the way to the threshold of remembering who you truly are.

Beautifully, the process continues to deepen the more you experience and practice it.  Once you start to experience a felt sense and awareness of the spaciousness of divinity living inside you, you have the potential of reaching the most profound places of peace, tranquility, joy, freedom, ecstasy and eventually...Awakening.


Dr. Melissa Patterson, Practicing Somatic Awakening®

As a specialist in mind-body-soul counseling and a deeply devoted spiritual practitioner, Dr. Patterson has spent the last fifteen years birthing as well as refining this modality and spiritual practice with the first-hand experience of working with numerous patients, her own deep awakening journey, wise spiritual, somatic and emotionally oriented mentors, as well as, ongoing input from the spirit world.  With this guidance she has continually nuanced this modality and spiritual practice to where it is today...a gateway to true freedom from the inside out.  

She utilizes this modality in her own private practice and is now leading monthly Somatic Awakening satsangs in both Sebastopol, CA and Sausalito, CA. She will also be teaching this modality through classes, workshops, and meditation retreats; eventually offering it as a certification program to healing practitioners.