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Welcome to Spring!


Welcome to the beginning of spring. What have you been gestating this winter? What has died or is dying inside of you to make room for what is being born, as we move into the birth of spring?

As we move into the beginning of spring I invite you to see what you are being asked to let go of—what is dying—so you can make way for what you are most yearning to call in. I have been noticing this theme of death and re-birth arising quite a lot in my practice, with my friends, even in my own life.

The other day, as I was standing in line at Whole Foods I picked up a copy of the magazine Buddhadharma. I opened it to a short article that reflected this theme in my experience, and resonated with every single person I had worked with that day.

The article spoke to me so deeply that I have decided to include it here.


Good News: Your Life is Falling Apart

By Andrew Holocek

Excerpted from Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly, Spring 2012

“We could summarize the entire path into one word: relaxing—relaxing into the nature of your own mind. However, when we start to relax, the repressed elements of the body/mind come up—it's like Pandora's box. We discover that there is a reason we repressed these elements in the first place-we did not want to deal with them.

Meditation gives us a second chance to relate to unwanted experience in a healthy way based on equanimity and acceptance. It is a second chance to purify karma. In order to wake up, you have to face the shadow side that you have stuffed into your body/mind.

These “regressive” experiences, such as your life falling apart, can be good news. You are starting to get someplace when you come up against barriers of fear and anxiety. What we have been doing in these situations our entire lives is running away from them.

When your ego crashes to the ground, at some point it is no longer useful to try to patch it up again to function at the same level. In chaos theory, systems temporarily break down before they reorganize at a higher level. If we don’t understand this process on the spiritual path, we are going to run when the shadow side comes up. This is samsara: running away from reality.

The primordial emotion of samsara is fear. What is continually whispered into the subconscious mind is to avoid fear at all cost. Until we address that fear, everything we do is fear-based.

Actually, fear is the indicator of where we should go in order to grow. It is a marker of ignorance; we are afraid of what we don't know. Going into the places that scare you (as Pema Chodron writes) is one of the best ways to become increasingly aware. You use fear as an invitation for genuine spiritual growth.

We spend our entire lives running from this emotion. We need to get to know it, make friends with it. The root of the word fear is “fare,” a toll. Facing fear is the toll we have to pay to become fearless.”


May we all have the courage to face our fears, thereby becoming fearless. I invite us all to use this fearlessness to let go of the sides of the river, flow with who we truly are and do what we are deeply being called to do.

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I leave you with an excerpt of a beautiful song that eloquently speaks of letting go and what is possible, called Into the Wind, written and sung by musical artist Mitten.

This is our aloneness.

This is our time.

This is our mountain,

we all have to climb.


This is our destiny,

wild and free

We’re all holding a master key,

to the empty sky.


Into the wind

Into the wind

Into the wind we fly!



I feel truly blessed to do what I do. Everyday I see miracles, large and small; people healing before my eyes and remembering who they are. I am truly honored to work with you and support your healing and your growth!

May you find the healing, peace, grace and ease that you look for.



Dr. Melissa

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