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Warm Thanksgiving Wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful because I am moving―literally and figuratively. I am just completing moving my home, a process that has taken me a year and a half; I am delighted and overjoyed.

I am also in the middle of moving from one way of being to another. My inner being is shifting, expanding and at the same time a new way of be-ing is emerging.

I have been in a process of deep soul initiation for the last 4 years, and it feels like it is finally coming to a close. A new door is opening.

Through this process I have been shown aspects of my being that have shaken me to my core. But now things are softening, shifting and healing. I am rising like a phoenix from the fire with a surety, depth and power that I have not known until now; as I do so, I am stepping more fully into the beauty and joy that is always available to us.

I am also stepping into a deeper level of wisdom as a human being and as a healer. My practice is expanding, my intuition is increasing, and people are getting better at a rate I’ve never seen before. I am grateful. When talking with other healing practitioners many of us are noticing how miracles are happening before our eyes on an ongoing basis. We, as a species, are shifting and it’s beautiful to behold.

I am in such deep gratitude for all of my experiences and all of the people who have shown me truth, love and healing; without you I would not be where I am at today. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart!

I am also deeply grateful for all of you that have walked through the doors of my practice: you have truly graced my life with your stories, your tears, your courage, and the incredible healing that I see on a daily basis. My life feels full and blessed because of you―thank you!

As we come into the season of gratitude I invite you to take time for introspection about what you are grateful for; about how far you have come on your healing path and in your evolution as a spiritual being having a physical existence. May we all come to the deepest healing that is possible, the most exquisite joy, and step fully into the beauty that this present moment offers. May grace bless your life!

In Deep Gratitude!

Dr. Melissa

Important Practice Note:

As you might remember, I mentioned in the last newsletter that I changed my follow-up session time to an hour and fifteen minutes.  However, I have found that some people find this too long of a session. 

I have decided to officially say that my follow-up sessions are an hour; yet, I will leave 15 minutes between each session so that if more time is needed, we can have the flexibility to continue for an 15 extra minutes if
necessary.  Regardless of whether we meet for one hour, or if we take advantage of the extra 15 minutes, the standard follow-up session rate is $130.  

Thank you!

Epigenetics Reinforces Theory that Positive Mind-States Heal

By Duran Rivera

Quoted from

There was a time where love and nurture seemed clearly distinct from our physical nature. Genetic-determinism holds that genes control our lives; hereditary information flows in one direction, and genetic activity and cellular expression are regulated by information from the DNA.

However, a few years ago, key findings from the Human Genome Project rattled modern biology. It was expected to find least 120,000 genes. Instead what was found was an estimated 35,000. That`s not too far off from a lowly roundworm.

Where were all the other genes to dictate the human condition? Today, a new scientific understanding is changing the conversation of biology and providing unexpected answers. It states that the mind and how we perceive the world around us directly influences our biology.

Our positive energy (happiness and optimism) heals our conditions while our negative (anger and fear) toxifies leading to numerous diseases. Epigenetic control encourages people to become proactive in their own health instead of self-programming ourselves to be fearful victims...



To read the whole article, click here.


Time To Smell (or View) the Flowers

A dear friend of mine emailed me this beautiful video and entitled it, “My Role Model”.
It is indeed. I highly recommend taking a couple of minutes to watch it: learn from the flowers how to “open!"

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