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New Years Wishes


Freedom Versus Safety


Here we are New Years 2012. I remember years ago when I first heard about the prophecies of 2012 and how everything was going to change. Some even predicted the end of the world. And, behold we are still here! Yet, from where I stand I do see and feel change, some of it very dramatic. What I am seeing the most, in my practice and elsewhere, is that people are awakening, or at least being strongly moved in that direction.

Sometimes the awakening happens through a life-threatening illness, or looking at long standing illness through new eyes. Sometimes it happens from looking at layers of anxiety and/or depression that have been present for years. Yet, for many it’s just a feeling that things can’t stay the same as they are. This is a good thing. It causes us to point to that which no longer works and moves us toward that which does.

Sometimes this means a letting go, a death in a way, to that which we are attached to. And, this death is often not, at least at first, seen as welcome. Yet, when there is death, there is also re-birth. Unfortunately, when we are in the dying process there is often fear because we don’t know what the re-birth will look like or even if it will come.

A part of us just knows that we are dying and it is an uncomfortable process. But, when the re-birth occurs, when it arises like the Phoenix from the fire; the growth, beauty and joy are all worth it. 

In my own experience, I find that letting go is easier when one is aligned completely with their spirit. However, to find balance we must also align with all other aspects of self, including the body and the ego.

The body is an incredible temple for us. Yet, it also holds onto deep memories that can be traumatic and deeply wanting safety. The ego is often in service to these memories by wanting to keep us safe, sometimes to our detriment by keeping us boxed in to who we are not. In order to find balance and unity we must tend to these memories that our body and ego have. It’s an unwinding, softening process that connects us to holding and nurturing the parts of us that so desperately want to be safe. And, through this process over time we step into finding internal safety and coming home to ourselves.

In the process of awakening it’s important to ask ourselves two questions:

1) How long have I chosen safety over awakening?

2) What have I given up to stay safe?

Both of these questions deeply give us perspective of what we have (most often times unconsciously) chosen in service to safety over awakening and remembering who we truly are.

Awakening takes courage. It takes fortitude. It takes desire to know ourselves totally.

And, in the deepest resonance of who I am as a healer I humbly say that I am ultimately here to be in service to your awakening, whatever that looks like. I honor your path, whatever you choose and however slow or fast you wish to go. I am here to serve you in anyway I can to help you move toward true health and assist you to awaken to the glory of your magnificence!

In deep gratitude for you in my life,

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Melissa



Practice News:

In March I will be in my current practice for four years. For the first time ever I was completely booked out during the holidays (a time that is normally very slow.) I can definitely feel the solidity of my practice and am grateful for all of the referrals that you have made to me. Thank you for your belief in me!

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Because my practice is getting busier than ever, Evelyn, my administrative assistant, often has to schedule people weeks in advance.  We are finding that a 24 hour cancellation policy is not allowing other patients enough time to take a vacated appointment slot.  Therefore, starting Jan. 15th we will have a new cancellation policy: if you need to cancel you will need to call in or email me 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, to avoid a cancellation fee.  Thank you for your understanding. 




Bohemian Poll

Last year I was runner up as Best Holistic Provider for the North Bay Bohemian Poll. This year I would again love to humbly request that you consider voting for me.

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I give deep thanks for your belief in my work.

Also check out the upcoming Bohemian publication for next week 1/12-1/17.  I have an article that will be published in it entitled, “Occupying Martin Luther King’s Message of Love”.  You might find it interesting!

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