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End of August Newsletter

Dr. Patterson's Live Radio Broadcasts in August!


Come tune in to my upcoming live radio shows focusing on health and healing! The programs will each be 30 minutes in length and will broadcast on KSRO 1350 on both August 24th and August 31st, with host Mark Buerger from Health First Pharmacy in Windsor. The first show on August 24th will talk about my practice, naturopathic medicine, and the modalities I utilize, while the presentation on August 31st will focus on women’s health and menopause. I'm looking forward to connecting with you on the radio waves!




Naturopathic Convention


Next week, I am going back to Phoenix, AZ, the home of my alma mater, for the annual American Association of Naturopathic Physician Conference. I am looking forward to gathering wonderful pearls of wisdom at the conference, with the intention of bringing the information back home to enrich my clinical practice.

Please note that I will be out of my office from August 17th-23rd.

If you need to make an appointment while I am gone, my assistant Evelyn can help you; just leave a message on my office voicemail.


Affordable Care Act Just Passed


I have wonderful news for anyone who cares about women, families, or the cost of health care in this country.

Last week, the Obama administration announced historic new guidelines, ensuring that women can receive a wide range of preventative health services at no additional cost.

That means that, by August of next year: HIV screenings, contraception, breastfeeding support, domestic violence screening, and other services must be available under all new insurance plans -- without a co-payment or deductible -- under the Affordable Care Act.

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